Zaostrog and the Makarska Riviera


Zaostrog, place for your vacation and much more!

Zaostrog is located in southern Dalmatia, widely known, not just in Croatia, for its white sande and pebble beaches and crystal clear Adriatic sea. The beaches stretch the entire length of the village; you can enjoy yourself on the beach equipped with deckchairs, showers and changing areas, or in romantic, hidden coves reached by walking through the pine woods.

However, your vacation and stay at the Apartments Plana can be enriched by other activities along with enjoying the sun and the Adriatic sea. On the slopes of the mountain massif-Rilić, Biokovo rising above Zaostrog, there are possibilities for various sports and adventure activities (hiking, nordic-walking, cycling). Culture lovers can enjoy the visit to the famous Franciscan Monastery of St. Mary and the old churches in the nearby old village. Zaostrog also offers a range of entertainment and catering facilities, and for those who want peaceful holidays we recommend walking along the sea and enjoying a romantic dinner under the starry sky.

The village is situated in a natural basin, approximately 35 km from the town of Makarska, and has about 300 inhabitants. Along with long streches of beaches and pine woods, mountain Viter and hill Plana dominate the landscape. Because of its mild climate and a wide range of activities offered in Zaostrog region, this part of the Makarska Riviera is a perfect place for summer vacation, but also for holiday during spring and fall when you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay. The geographical location of the village makes it an ideal hub for excursions to many natural and cultural heritage sites in Dalmatia located nearby.