Apartments Plana

1. Personal information

Apartments PLANA - Zaostrog and company Medkontur Ltd. (below us), we take data protection very seriously and we respect your privacy. We collect, process and use your personal information only with your consent or if there is another legal basis for it, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the applicable Data Protection Act and other applicable laws.

Personal data is collected only within the limits necessary to manage and process our business relationships or to the limits you have agreed to yourself.

Personal information is information that contains special information about people or factual personal relationships , such as name, address, e-mail address and phone number.

2. Access and Erase

At any time, you have the right to access your personal information, the origin, the recipients and the purpose of their processing, and the right to remove, transfer, objection, limit the processing and block or delete inaccurate and unlawful processed data.
If any changes to your personal information have occurred, please let us know.

You have the right to withdraw any consent to processing your personal information at any time. Your request for access, deletion, correction, objection and / or transferability, in the latter case, unless it involves improper effort, may be addressed to the contacts listed on these eb pages.

If you believe our processing of your personal data is in violation legal provisions on data protection or that your rights to data protection are violated in any other way, you have the right to file a complaint with the competent authority in Croatia (the Personal Data Protection Agency).

3. Data Privacy

To protect your personal information we take appropriate organizational and technical precautionary measures. These measures specifically relate to the protection against unauthorized, unlawful, including accidental access, processing, loss, use and manipulation of data. Despite all the efforts to maintain a consistently high level of expertise, it must not be ruled out that the information you provide us through the Internet can be visible and can be used by third parties.

Keep in mind that we do not accept responsibility for data discovery due to data transfer errors that we did not cause and / or unauthorized access to third parties (eg hacker attack on an email account, phone, or fax interception).

4. Using Data

We will process the information that is available to us for marketing purposes, sending a newsletter, and contacting you by mail or phone and for the purposes for which we have your consent or included in the regulations in accordance with GDPR. Excluded from this is the use of data for statistical purposes if the data available are anonymised.

5. Transferring Data to Third Parties

In order to complete your order, it may be necessary or legally required to transfer your data to third parties (eg service providers that we engage and provide access to data etc.), courts or public authorities . The transfer of your data is done exclusively in accordance with GDPR, in particular to complete your order or on your prior consent.

Some recipients are outside the country or process your information from there. It is possible that the level of data protection in other countries does not correspond to the level that exists in Croatia. However, we transmit your personal information only to countries that the European Commission has determined to have an adequate level of personal data protection or we apply measures to ensure that all recipients have an adequate level of personal data protection for the purpose that we then include & nbsp; standard contract clauses (2010/87 / EC and / or 2004/915 / EC).

6. Data Accident Reporting

Our goal is to ensure that accident information is discovered as soon as possible and that it is reported to you or the competent supervisory authority as appropriate, with respect to the appropriate data categories.

7. Retention of Data

We store data no longer than necessary to meet contractual or legal obligations and to defend the lawsuit & nbsp; (eg, 11 years statutory billing obligation and so on).